Pulaski Artifacts Sorted by Date
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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
L2009.09.001 Case, Powder Box        
L2009.09.005 Hand Steel Rotating Tool        
L2009.09.003 Bucket        
L2009.09.006 Hand Steel        
L2009.09.007 Draw Tube        
L2009.09.009 Hand Steel Rotating Tool        
L2009.09.012 File, Flat   Roger Stuner    
L2009.09.023 Measure, Tape        
L2009.09.035 Ax   Roger Stuner    
L2009.09.031 Saw, Crosscut        
L2009.09.008 Hand Steel        
L2009.09.036 Wheel        
L2009.09.029 Wheelbarrow        
L2009.09.033 Wheelbarrow Bench spring      
L2009.09.034 Wheelbarrow        
L2009.09.032 Stove        
L2009.09.030 Stove Stove top      
L2009.09.025 Stove, Wood        
L2009.09.024 Stovepipe        
L2009.09.022 Cartridge, Center-fire        
L2009.09.002 Teakettle        
L2009.09.004 Can        
L2009.09.011 Can   Roger Stuner    
L2009.09.013 Bowl, Sugar   Roger Stuner    
L2009.09.016 Shaker, Salt & Pepper   Roger Stuner    
L2009.09.015 Can, Food-storage        
L2009.09.017 Clock   Roger Stuner    
L2009.09.014 Clock, Case   Roger Stuner    
L2009.09.027 Hairpin        
L2009.09.021 Triglide strap adjuster        
L2009.09.037 Fork, Cold-meat Fork, serving Roger Stuner    
L2009.09.010 Can, Food-storage Can Roger Stuner   1890s+
L2009.09.018 Watch, Pocket       1892s+
L2009.09.026 Cartridge, Rim-fire       1902+
L2009.09.020 Bottle, Condiment       1910s+
L2009.09.028 Bottle, Condiment   Roger Stuner   1915+
L2009.09.019 Bottle, Condiment   Roger Stuner   1915s+

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